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  • 20 June 2018

    How to buy the CORRECT size

    Posted by Danielle Grandy

    Ok girls, it’s 2018 and let’s face it - online shopping is def the way of the future. Big box retailers are closing down across the states and making room for more online retailers (i.e. us!) - so now’s the time to master the art of buying the “correct” size. Since the introduction of vanity sizing (they tell you you’re a small but you’re actually a large), finding the right size is kind of like rocket science. But don’t worry - we’ve got you. Sooo get your pencils out ladies… this is going to be educational.

    Dust off your measuring tape from you grandma’s old sewing kit (or run to the closest dollar store), you’re going to need this. All online retailers should have a size guide beside the product you are about to buy. When you click this magical button, a complicated chart of endless numbers pops up. The main three measurement you need for most clothing is BUST, WAIST, and HIPS. And, don’t worry we’ve got the “how to” hook up.

    Measure all the way around your bust and back on the line of your nipples.

    Measure all the way around your natural waist (smallest part of your torso).

    Measure all the way around your hips (widest part of you hips).

    So…. you’ve mastered using the measuring tape, here’s a few other tips that should help you find the right size #yourewelcome

    Tip 1 . Def look at the mirror when you’re measuring yourself, and make sure the tape creates a straight, horizontal line around your whole body. You’ll thank us later.

    Tip 2.  You want to make sure you and your girls (boobs not babes) are comfortable... so make sure you’re not measuring too tight or too loose. Find the number on the tape that doesn’t squeeze your skin but is also tight enough that the tape doesn’t droop or sag.

    Tip 3. Measure often. We’re not talking like every week, or even every month, but every 6 months or so it doesn't hurt to double check. Your lingerie is super close to your body, so it’s one of the first things you’ll notice fitting tighter or looser if your body size changes.

  • 20 June 2018

    5 Fashion Trends We're All About This Summer

    Posted by Vanessa Cicchino

    When it comes to fashion and what’s HOT, we definitely know a thing or two. You’ll usually catch the HQ girls in backless dresses, strapless tops and normally rocking some pretty serious cleavage (hello Original Push-Up). But we’re also all about keeping up with the hottest trends, SO we want to fill you in on our top 5 fav looks for this summer.

    1. Bold Colors

    Standing out in a crowd and drawing attention to ourselves? Kinda our thing… so you know we’re all over this look. Let’s be real -- when you’re as bright and bold as the SV girls, you def need the outfits to match.


    2. Sequins

    When we heard that sequins were a “thing” again, we were skeptical to say the least. You know the deal - you buy it to turn heads at a holiday party and then lose it to the depths of your closet… forever. Buuuuut with girls like Gigi and Kia pulling it off, and looking freaking hot, we’re into it too. Plus sexy lingerie and sequins on top sounds way too good to pass on.


    3. Plastic

    Um…. who would have thought that Chanel and plastic would ever go together in the same sentence?! I mean, we get it, nights out can get a little crazy (let’s not pretend we haven’t all had to retire a couple cute af outfits due to spilling a drink all over ourselves). But.. lucky for us, nothing says red-hot like maximum cleavage with our Push-Up + a see through (stain proof) outfit. This trend is def HQ approved.


    4. Pastels

    Well I guess we were a little ahead of the times with this trend, but it seems that summer 2018 is the perfect pair for our pink Push-Up. We’ve all got 100 different weddings and events to go to this summer, so it’s no surprise we’ll be embracing this pastel trend to the fullest.


    5. Sheer

    We’ve got one word for this trend… sexy. A naked(ish) dress without being naked? Sounds like our SV motto. And lucky for our girls, we’ve got the SV Push-Up and Shapewear to help us rock the sheer look. This one is a no brainer… where do we sign up?!