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HOW TO: The guide on wear and care for your push-up

Posted by Danielle on

Selecting the right size for my push-up bra

What size do I need for a bra with no straps?! Don’t worry girl, we’ve got you covered - literally. Since your standard bra cup size isn’t directly related to your SV Original Push-Up size, we’ve got a few tips for you. If you don't quite fill out your normal cup size or are on the small end (i.e 30-32) we'd recommend going down a size. On the other side, if you’re on the larger end of your cup size (i.e size 40-42) we’d generally suggest sizing up! BUT.. to be sure, check out the chart below for more info! Sizes in pink at the top are the Sneaky Vaunt Push-Up sizes, so just look for your usual bra size on the chart - and order the corresponding size above in pink.

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How to place the cups on your boobs

Well this depends on your outfit! Check out your cute dress or top and figure out your needs. Speaking of cute dresses, we've got the outfit hookup no matter what your wearing. For a regular cut dress/ top where neckline isn’t too low, and you want the ultimate cleavage, place both cups at the outer edge of the boob (you might have to hold your breast inwards to put on the second cup). Flip each cup out and while looking at the mirror, place them symmetrically with the clasp loosened (don’t worry about the nipple hole aligning with your nipple!).

Bra application, how to apply stick on bra, stick on bra demonstration

 For a lower cut piece where more of your cleavage is exposed (I mean, if you’ve got it… vaunt it!), you can put your push-up about an inch or two lower than the regular placement. This way, your bra will sit just below your boobs! Don’t forget, the clasp makes this an adjustable cleavage bra and you can tighten or loosen depending on the amount of cleavage desired. Wanna rock a super deep V? Yep, we’ve got you covered for that too. Just take the string out of the bra (it’s super easy to thread it back in after!) and place the cups vertically for a lift. Yep, you heard right girl. No more shying away from that LBD you can’t quite fill up top, that off-the shoulder shirt or that open back top. We’ve got you covered for every occasion.

Sneaky vaunt outfit, backless bra, little black dress, how to look good wearing backless bra

 Show your push-up some love

Now that you’ve worn your push-up bra (whether it’s prom, a wedding or just a night out with the girls), make sure to give it some love!! What goes around comes around and if you show it some love, your stick-on bra will love you for 40+ wears! And let’s be real - after how good you looked in it the first time around? Yep, you’re going to wanna get plenty more wears from it. Best way to clean it? It’s easy - check it out:

How to care for your stick on bra, how to wash your stick on bra, cleaning a sneaky vaunt bra

Get an old toothbrush or use your fingers and rub alcohol-free soap to the adhesive part of the bra. Circular motion preferred and rinse with water. Hang the bra to dry. If you notice any stubborn dust particles, you can use a strip of scotch tape on the area and remove gently pulling back parallel to the bra. Last but not least, replace the plastic protector and tuck them back into the Sneaky Vaunt case. Voila, good until next time! 

Now that you're an expert on the wear and care for your push-up, the next step is easy. Shop our push-ups and you'll be rocking all those summer outfits in time for the weekend. 

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  • I’m a 32D so I though I would be a D cup but when looking at the sizing chart I found out I’d actually be best wit a C cup. The sizing chart really helped me find that perfect fit for my push up!

    Katie on
  • oh i tried the toothbruch tip and it worked thans k so much, i was able to bring back the stick

    JAnelle on

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