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Everything you need to know about the Original, Backless, Strapless Push-up!

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We get it, you’re excited. You’ve seen almost everyone on instagram trying out the original, backless, strapless push-up and getting some great results. So, you decided to order, and now you’ve been watching the tracking (maybe checking it hourly if you’re anything like the girls at HQ) and eagerly awaiting the arrival of this wardrobe game changer.  Well, we can’t blame you for being excited. We basically live in our push-ups too. And, rest assured, the girls at HQ have put theirs to the ultimate test! Heat, water, and lots of wears - you name it, and our girls have done it!

So, obviously the next question after when is it going to arrive is how the h*ll do I put it on and get that insane cleavage like the girls on IG. Well don’t stress girl. We’ve got the hook up on all the tips and tricks you’ll need to look and feel like a total 10.

How To Vaunt It In The Original Push-up

  1. Remove your push-up from the packaging and peel off the plastic on the back of each cup. Make sure to keep it safe in the case - you’ll need it for later to keep your bra extra sticky and ready to vaunt in next time around.
  2. Loosen clasp so you have a lot of room when placing each cup.
  3. Individually place each cup, make sure to place the cups far enough apart (for max cleavage). Check that the cups are evenly placed. See the diagram below for reference.
  4. Tighten the clasp fully, to secure comfortably. Ensuring the cups are not wrinkled and the clasp has a little room to adjust.
  5. If need be, readjust the cups, our bras come extra sticky for a reason.
  6. Head to the “How to Vaunt It” section of our website for more deets on cup placement and a video tutorial on how to wear the bra comfortably, while still achieving max results.

P.S. Save the case! This is key to having your push-up last up to 40+ wears! It’s cute, easy to travel with AND keeps your push-up protected.

How To Put On Your Backless Strapless Sneaky Vaunt Push-Up Bra

Sneaky Vaunt Backless, Strapless, Push-Up Bra Black

We usually recommend ordering a size down for most cup sizes, but definitely check out our size guide for all the sizing info. For reference, the same model is used in both photos directly above. In the first photo, the model is wearing a size C cup, in nude. In the second photo, the same model is wearing a size B cup in black.  Both sizes are suitable, but the B cup gives maximum cleavage and better results!

Get ready girl, you’ve now upped your wardrobe game x 1000. It’s time to unlock unlimited outfit options. Say hello to all those backless, strapless dresses, shirts and over the shoulder sweaters you’ve been dying to wear.

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