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Pull Off Any Outfit With These 4 Essentials

Posted by Danielle on

Pull Off Any Holiday Party Outfit

Girl, summer is soooooo CLOSE 🙏… YASS! Time to dig out our cute warm weather outfits and our fav pair of open toe shoes. Soo.... let's embrace it and get festive AF - bring on the sunshine, day drinks and nights out with the girls, we’re ready!

If we’re going to embrace it, damn right we’re going to look good doing it 🙌. And, the girls at Sneaky Vaunt HQ can totally relate (Summer is our absolute favourite season). Sooooooo… to get us ready, we spent the day planning all of our warm weather looks and outfits and made a list of the TOP 4 Sneaky Vaunt Essentials we’re sure to ALWAYS have on hand, to pull off all those bad a** looks.

At the top of our for go-to’s is: the little black (or red) dress (with a cut out back, duh). We’ve all got our “go-to faithful dress” we fall back on when we can’t decide what to wear, and you know with all the summer festivities, nights out and weddings we’ll be pulling this out as least once.

The Sneaky Vaunt Essentials to pull off this look:

Pull Off Any Holiday Party Look

The Original Push-Up (Black) - Get max-and adjustable cleavage PLUS, open up endless wardrobe options. From backless dresses to open back tops, get all your party outfits covered with the original Sneaky Vaunt stick on, push-up bra.  
Compression Shorts - Utilize powermesh, side boning & seamless silky fabric to give you tummy control, thigh shaping and butt support.  With slimming lines and a barely there feel, you’ll be looking and feeling red-hot in any party dress, romper or power suit.

Let’s face it, getting glam is just part of the Sneaky Girls lifestyle. And, there’s no better time than the present to show off that red-hot, sequin dress that's been hiding at the back of your closet all winter. There’s always an opportunity to be a little extra.

The Sneaky Vaunt Essentials to pull off this look: 

Backless Strapless Holiday Party Dress
Our girl crush @tiffanyleblc rockin' her holiday look.
The Original, Push-Up (Nude) - Girl, two is ALWAYS better than one, and our push-ups are no exception.  Get your hands on the original backless, strapless push-up in both black and nude to unlock all your outfit options this holiday season.
Tummy Cinching Thong - Breathable and discrete our Tummy Cinching Thong was specifically designed for all around control, to smooth and cinch your waist line helping you to feel secure and confident in any outfit. As if you needed any more motivation to put on that power dress for your next night out.

The only thing better than looking like a total 10, feeling like a total 10 too! AND, we’re here to help you unlock all your wardrobe options for any season, and have you feeling RED-HOT.… it’s now, or now, girl!  Take advice from our girls at Sneaky Vaunt HQ, and trust us, we know how to shine. 

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  • oh i like that glittery backless dress i wonderwhere is it from? i think the shapewear is a good idea bc my dress’s are always tight. thanks

    Kara on
  • Yasss just ordered! I cant wait for mine to arrive so that I can wear it with all of my outfits over the party season!

    Kassie on
  • trying the shapewear thong I didnt even know it existed haha
    Teena on
  • My push-up is always my go-to for events, it makes any outfit sooooo easy! It’s def going to help me rock my strapless holiday dress!

    Nichole on
  • I’m so glad I ordered my Sneaky Vaunt in the Summer, it’s still sooo sticky and it’s honestly going to save my life this holiday season!!!

    Emma on

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