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HOW TO: Nail every outfit for your body type

Posted by Vanessa on

Yep, we’ve all been there. You find the perfect outfit only to try it on and realize that it just does not look that cute on you. Let’s be real… we’re all about loving our bodies and our SV squad is red-hot, but dressing for your body type can be a little confusing. Don’t worry - we’re here to break it down and make sure you’re looking your best… always.

Type 1: Pear Shape

Ok girls, if you’ve got this type of body, you’re living in a good time cause curves are def in (face it, big booties are taking over the scene everywhere). Not sure if this is you? No worries, we’ll break it down:

  • Your waist is wider than your bust
  • Fuller hips, thighs and butt (hello curves)
  • Narrow shoulders compared to hips

You’ve already got the lower half covered - so your secret weapon? The Original Push-Up to help bring that cleavage game to the next level and help the top half match the bottom! With this killer combo, you can bet that every date night this summer is going to be red-hot.

Type 2: Apple Shape

So you’re an apple shape? Well, lucky for you - you’re no stranger to giving girls everywhere major cleavage envy (especially with your Original Push-Up). If you’re still not sure if this is you, here’s the breakdown:

  • Pretty well-proportioned
  • Shoulders are broader than hips
  • Bigger bust, and less defined waistline.

 Your new secret to pulling together every outfit and bringing your curve game to the next level is simple… Shapewear. Yep, celebrities have been using this on the red-carpet for years, and now women all around the world are using them to shape their bodies and cinch their waists. And since Apple bodies generally carry most of their weight in their stomach -- our Tummy Tuckers and Cinching Thongs are your new best friend (hello summer dresses!). As if looking red-hot wasn’t enough… according to the Huffington Post, Shapewear can actually have health benefits by stimulating circulation AND supporting muscles.

Type 3: Athletic or Rectangle Shape

Despite curves being everywhere these days, this body type is actually one of the most common for women. Wanna know if this is you? Check it out below:

  • You’re not particularly curvy
  • Your shoulders and hips measure about the same
  • Your weight is pretty even throughout your body

 Get ready to take on every party and event this summer, feeling more red-hot than ever. The secret to you nailing all your outfits this summer? Accentuating either your top OR bottom. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for both. When you’re looking to draw attention to your well defined shoulders and arms - our Original Push-Up is the perfect way to bring it all together up top. Wanna show off your waist? Breathable shapewear to help define your curves is def the way to go.

Type 4: Hourglass Shape

Ok girl - you’re killing it in the curve department and with a body like Kim K… looking red-hot is basically second nature to you. Yep, we’re talking to you if:

  • Your bod is curvy and your waist is pretty defined
  • Your boobs and your hips are pretty even, and could both be described as being “fuller”

 Let’s be real -- like every shape, we know that dressing for an hourglass figure isn’t always a breeze. Buuuut, that’s where our Shapewear and Push-Ups come in. They’re designed to help your features stay in all the right places and have you looking even more va-va voom than before. On your next girls night out, try out our Cinching Thong to help with defined, seamless curves, and The Original Push-Up to give your girls the added boost they deserve!

Body types, how to dress for your body typeNow that you’re an expert in dressing for your body type — it’s time to shop the look! We’ve got the hook up, on all of your summer essentials to look and feel red-hot, shop the collection now!

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  • I’ve always found this super interesting! As a pear, it can sometimes be tricky for me to find a way to balance out my looks and I think that a Sneaky Vaunt push-up would help with that.

    Alison on
  • Pear shaped girl here! So glad big butts are in now ;) I have the push ups in all colors — so useful for every outfit!

    Bree on
  • im a pear nd i’m proud of my curves

    rachel on
  • Love love love that you recognized all body types and not just the ‘swimsuit’ model body type. I have a SV push-up in nude and it’s literally a life saver under my night time outfits!

    Emma on

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