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Girl, Tis’ the season, and we’re not talking about Christmas. It’s the season to get dressed up, do some dancing and celebrate with your babes! AND… If you’re anything like the girls at HQ, you’ve now got Save The Dates filling up your entire weekend… and every inch of your fridge.

So…  your next questions are obviously -  what the h*** am I going to wear to all of these events?! Is my dress too short and, how can I look classy while showing my shoulders in a church?

Girl, relax - we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a list of wedding etiquette do’s and don’ts you’re not going to want to miss. And, here’s a quick low down on the most important things to think about when you’re in wedding prep mode (guest edition).

  1. Do your research. No, we’re not talking serious homework - but knowing a bit more about the theme, culture and religion of the ceremony is def a good starting point. Plus it’s going to help you find the perf dress (i.e beach, outdoor, black tie).
  2. Don’t go over the top. Yep, we know it’s usually all about us - but we’ll let the bride have her big day for this one. Don’t worry though - no one said you couldn’t still rock some killer cleavage (with the help of our Original Push-Up Bra) and a bit of backless & strapless. After all, you’re still an SV girl.
  3. Be cost effective. If you’re going to a handful of weddings, you’re totally fine repurpose a super hot dress. Our suggestion? Rent a designer gown from - at a fraction of the price.
  4. Look great, and have a good time. Hot girl, hot dress AND hot lingerie? Yep, we’ve got the hookup to help you own this wedding season.

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  • As a bride, there’s lots to think about for a wedding and also lots to think about as a guest. These are good tips, but definitely more to think about than what’s in the article. I’ve used a few wedding apps that wrere really good.

    Stephanie on
  • Such good advice. I bpught the nude push up and i’ve already used it for 2 events. I have a bunch of weddings this summer and it’ll be perfect for all of them

    Bella on
  • I have so many weddings this summer!! I didnt realize you could rent dresses, thx :)

    Becca on
  • I hate trying to find something to wear when I go to a wedding, I find it really stressful, so thanks for the tips. The one about renting a dress is a really great idea and I would never have thought of that. I really like that I can still look and feel great without the high prices that I typically can’t bring myself to commit too. I feel a whole lot better about all these weddings with my Sneaky Vaunt and that tip. Thanks!

    Amanda on
  • Yasss! I rented a dress from Rent The Runway for my sister’s wedding. I’ve been searching for the perfect bra to wear and there is literally nothing at the mall that is going to work. Bra emergency! Sneaky to the rescue!

    Jenna on

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