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We’ve all been there… you wait for summer all year, only for it to come to end and leave you asking yourself what the h*** you even accomplished?! If you’re anything like the HQ girls, you’ve got a long list of things you “NEED” to do this summer… and we’re here to break out our top 10 with you now. So girl, get ticking.

1. Vineyard tour

Calling all the winos out there (soooo, basically all of us), this bucket list item definitely ticks off all our boxes. You get to put on a cute summer dress, get dolled up and enjoy a nice day taste testing a wine, or 10… up to you.

2. At-home spa day

Yep, time for the full glam routine. We’re talking facials, netflix, snacks, and nails… the whole nine yards. Throw out the invite in your group chat and get ready for an at-home spa day with the gang.

3. Host a brunch with your girls

Let’s be real - Sunday brunch is basically a religion to you. But this summer, try putting your expertise to the test and host a brunch for you and the girls. Don’t worry babe - just make it potluck style to save on some work!

4. Festival

Well, Coachella may of already passed, but lucky for us… summer brings with it tons of concerts and festivals to attend. Do a quick search of your area to find the best ones coming up, start putting together your cutest festival outfit, and get ready for a killer weekend.

5. Hit up a nice hiking trail

Yep, time to grab one of your girls, put on some cute workout gear and get some fresh air at a local hiking trail. Not only are you going to feel totally refreshed for a big night out afterwards, but the Insta pic you’ll get from it is basically calling your name.

6. VIP Girls Night

Let’s face it… sometimes being extra ‘extra’ is totally worth it, and this is definitely one of those times. Unleash your inner celebrity this summer with a limo and bottle service for you and the girls…oh, and don’t forget the max cleavage with your Original Push-Up.

7. Go to an outdoor fitness class

Outdoor fitness classes are popping up all over with tons of free options in every state. From Shape Up NYC, Orange County Hiking Club, and 813 Fit Club… spicing up your workouts this summer is easier than ever. Even major brands like Nike, Athleta, and Lululemon are hosting these on the reg so you’re def going to wanna check these out.

8. Go to a sports game

Putting on a cute ball cap/ tee shirt combo and hitting up a local sporting event? Yep, this one’s a no brainer. And girl, trust us… you def don’t have to pay attention to the game to enjoy this.

9. Glamping

Don’t worry girl - we know you’re not about to drop off the grid and sleep in the forest here. Buuuut, who doesn’t love getting away for a bit and sitting around a campfire making s’mores with your girls?

10. Vegas trip

Ok, we know… this might seem a bit cliche. But honestly, can you think of anything better than hitting up some crazy pool parties with your girls, then ending the night at some of the chicest bars in the country? Us either. And plus… when you’ve got the push-up and shapewear to have you looking like a 10/10 in your outfit… you’re gonna wanna book that trip like, now.

Sneaky Vaunt Summer bucket list

Yep, now that you’ve got the best bucket list for the summer, it’s time to get your hands on all the summer wardrobe essentials you need to make it all happen… and lucky for you, we’ve got that covered too. Shop your summer must haves now.

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  • Sadly summer is over, but this article was super helpful for me! You can legit do almost any of these suggestions no matter where you live. Lucky for me, we have all kinds of nice hiking trails, beaches, wineries, and great camping spots. So me and the girls had a killer summer. But when we wanted a chill night – bring on the nail polish, face masks and of course a glass (or two/three) of wine.

    Jess on

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